The newspaper Blic on 25 02. 2010th published lists of workers to:

SOE "Krikos (Stakloplan) in Pristina and

SOE "Čičavica in Vucitrn.

Interested workers who are not on these lists have to submit the complaints to the competent institutions by 20 03. 2010 in order to be considered in division of shares in privatization process. For legal assistance in filing complaints can contact the Balkan Centre for Migration and Humanitarian Activities in Belgrade, at least 7 days before the deadline.


Privatization of the socially owned companies in Kosovo and Metohija

Privatization in Kosovo is performed by Kosovo Privatization Agency (KTA). The agency published the temporary and final list of workers who are entitled to a share of the profit from the sale of their company. In the Republic of Serbia the list of employees are published in the daily newspaper "Blic". The right to divide 20% of the sale price of socially owned enterprises, have only persons who find them self on the list of employees of that company. However the main but not the only one condition to be on that list is that person was on the payroll of the company at least three years prior the time of privatization. Since early 2007 The Privatization Agency of Kosovo publish a list of employees for a company twice, first as a temporary, and the second time as a final list of workers. Employees who are not on this list, and eligible to appear on it, may file an appeal to the Privatization Agency of Kosovo if it is published a temporary list of workers and to the Supreme Court of Kosovo if it is publish the final list of employees. Appeals must be filed within 20 days from the date of the publication. This means that an appeal with the necessary evidence (certified copy of work record card ,...) must be received before the expiration of the deadline in the Kosovo Privatization Agency and the Supreme Court of Kosovo, which in practice significantly reduces the stated deadline. To verify if your company released a list of workers since the beginning of 2009 or whether your name is on the list, click the For the lists issued before 2009 click


Resolution of property claims in Kosovo and Metohija

Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) is competent to adjudicate property claims arising because of circumstances directly related or as a result of armed conflicts that occurred between February 27, 1998 and June 20, 1999. 

These are:

(A) The requirements for the recognition of private ownership of immovable property including agricultural and commercial property, and

(B) Requirements regarding the right to use immovable property including agricultural and commercial property. The deadline for submission of these claims has expired on December 03 2007. If you filled request for a property and want to check the status of the request or want to check if someone else submitted the claim for the same property to which you consider as yours, click on



Balkan Centre for Migration and Humanitarian Affairs was established with the aim to:

  • Research and study forced migration in the former Yugoslavia in the context of human rights.
  • Provide primary legal aid to poor population especially vulnerable groups such as refugees and internally displaced persons.
  • Cooperate with local institutions, raising the general awareness among the target group about the civil society development and encourage the creation of new non-governmental organizations.
  • Cooperate with similar non-governmental organizations in the region in order to facilitate the accomplishment of the rights deprived by the force migration.
  • Advocating for the change of the legal procedures and the mechanisms that causing deficiency or deprivation of the rights refugees and internally displaced persons are entitle to.